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Since 2007, Web Services have helped some of the most influential brands succeed with our products & services. Here are just a few:

"Our campaign generated over 2 million votes, and over half a billion total impressions from web, mobile, TV, backlinks, Twitter & Facebook. Our user engagement and site visits have rocketed!" - Local10, ABC affiliate Miami


ProVote Online Voting Software

*PPU (Pages Per User) = 11

Our most popular product. We allow local businesses to compete to be the best of each category. Voting is done online and on mobile devices. Voting can also be cast via Social Media Products like Facebook & Twitter building high levels of engagement, and brand reputation.

Engage with your local brands, allow your community residents to vote and share their favorite brands all on your website, creating an immediate spike in web traffic and increasing ad revenue.

*At 11ppu with 4 ads per page, you are getting 44 impressions per visit.

In Action

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Active Participating Businesses 3,000+
Avg Participation of total DMA Businesses 15%
Daily Votes 8,500+
Total Campaign Votes 600,000+
Registered Voters 100,000+
Pageviews (Web + Mobile) 2,000,000+
Ad Impressions (4 ads per page) 4,000,000+
Total Impressions campaign wide* 500,000,000

*(Facebook, Twitter, social, web, backlinks, shares, on-air, etc.)

**These are typical numbers for a Station that actively promotes the campaign on-air & online.

Restaurant Inspections

*PPU = 8

Give your readers the peace of mind they need when they go out to eat. With Restaurant Inspections, we provide up to date info on all the restaurants in the area.

Not only do you get to see how many violations a restaurant may have, you'll get to read what violation they committed. Learn about the places you take your family to eat.

*At 8ppu with 4 ads per page, you are getting 24 impressions per visit.

Restaurant Inspections In Action

See how WPLG Local 10 utilizes Restaurant Inspections to drive traffic.


*PPU = 6

Now your website will be able to help the community, and give a pet a much needed home. Adopt-A-Pet makes it easy for your viewers & readers to see what pets are available for adoption in your local areas.

An added benefit is the ability to alert your readers when a pet they inquired about is available for adoption.

*At 6ppu with 4 ads per page, you are getting 24 impressions per visit.

Mug Shots

*PPU = 8

We provide your News Station's website with the latest mugshots for the day. They are graphically laid out in a manner that is easy to view.

The popularity of this site with it's 8ppu (pages per user) rating will greatly benefit your website's ad revenue.

*At 8ppu with 4 ads per page, you are getting 32 impressions per visit.

Sex Offenders

*PPU = 7

This service will help locate registered sex offenders in your area. It is updated daily, and we encourage your readers to use in an effort to educate your family of possible dangers in areas they visit.

*At 7ppu with 4 ads per page, you are getting 28 impressions per visit.

Cool apps, but why would I care?

Well, it's all about the page views... which equals impressions... which equals more revenue.


Our proprietary software maximizes user clicks. Our users stay on your site longer & click more pages.


Our average user click rate is 7 clicks more per session, which equals 28+ new impressions per user.


The typical user only gives you 2+ new impressions when there is only a homepage visit and 1 extra site link. Our software engages the user to stay longer, discover more, and subsequently get you more ad impressions.

*Averages are based on all our client rates combined. These numbers vary by markets, as well as client participation & marketing efforts.

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In 2003, Web Services started with a core competency in custom web applications. Our first client was a start-up company in San Francisco needing a user login protocol for beta version registrants. (Today that product is the virtual community of Second Lifeā„¢).

Since then, the experience & subsequent projects have transformed this group into one of the leaders in the Television market, specializing in creating ad revenue, & online traffic for our customers. Our clients speak highly of us. Case studies are readily available, and references are furnished upon request.


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